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The server we ordered is 26.8 x 17.4 x 3.4 inches, or 2.23 x 1.45 x 0.28 feet. We need to find a place for it in our “office”.
Having the server locked away in a closet isn’t really much of an option for a few reasons.

  • We don’t have long ethernet cords (just a few feet is our longest).
  • There is not closet next to our workstation PC.
  • Our only wifi card is 450Mbps, or just 56.25MB/s.
  • Although 56.25MB/s is fast it doesn’t meet the gigabit speeds of the onboard ethernet (125MB/s).
  • 56MB/s isn’t even a third of the speed of our HDD, making the two SSDs we have almost pointless.

Without completely moving our workstation PC and forcing that to go wireless we will have to find a solution within the same room (cross your fingers that it isn’t too loud!).

So first off, how far away can we have the server be? Well, our longest ethernet cable is 8 feet. That’s not very helpful. It looks like we are going to have to put the server right here. Just a foot or two away from the workstation.

This shouldn’t be an issue because the PowerEdge servers pull air in from the sides, not the bottom. (pdf source)



Well great! It’s figured out! Well, we will have to see if the server is too loud under usage. According to the PowerEdge “R710 is definitely quieter than the 2950 and might even be quiet enough to put in an office or closet” and you can hear that 710 in this video is pretty quiet. It looks like we should be alright then, but proper testing will be later.

We may reach out and buy a cable cheaply from a friend

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