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We’ve had the server for a while now, but have gotten distracted with other things and so we haven’t posted on it in a while. Either way, the server is definitely fast in terms of CPU power, but it’s got almost no GPU power. Having a powerful GPU is usually not important on a server, but seeing as how we are a media group we need the server to have both powerful GPUs and CPUs in it. Here’s our issue. The server only has 2 PCIe 16x slots, one of which is being used with a 16x to 2 8x extension card which the server’s RAID card is plugged into. That only leaves one more PCIe x16 slot for us to use which does limit the server’s use case a bit (we have an idea that we will announce at another date). If we are okay with only one GPU we can g

et one of these (so the GPU will actually fit):


If we want more than one GPU we could try these:

This is a PCIe 8x to 16x extender which should let us use two GPUs in our server because it already has a 16x to 2 8x extender card in it, but there would probably be an issue with performance loss so we will have to do some research and see what our options are.

One final note:

This server does not have any PCIe 4,6, or 8 pin power connectors so we are limited to the standard 75-watt power supplied through the PCIe slot. This leaves us with much lower powered cards than originally, but we are considering something like a gt 1030. The GT 1030’s specs are as follows:

  • 2GB of GDDR5 Video Ram
  • 384 Cuda Cores
  • Core Clock: 1265 MHz – 1518 MHz (Boost)

Those aren’t great specs, but they definitely aren’t bad. The performance on this card is close to the legendary budget card GTX 750ti. But that’s not what we find interesting about the card. this is:

  • Interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16 (uses x4)
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Many of these cards are passively cooled, meaning no extra noise.

Okay okay.. so, it’s PCIe 16x, but it only uses 4x? Sounds like we wouldn’t have a bottleneck if we used the 8x to 16x extender, but power? Still good! The GT 1030 is only 30 watts! So we could run two of them off one PCIe slot and still have 15 watts to spare. It looks like a promising solution, but we aren’t sure if we can use both off of a riser. We will have to do research and post again.


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