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We just ordered a Dell R710 Custom server sporting…

  • 2x Xeon X560s (Each are 6 cores, 12 threads, 2.66-3.06GHz, and 12 MB SmartCache) Xeon x5650 on Intel ARK
  • 64GB of DDR3
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • 2x 120gb Intel SSDs
  • 1x Western Digital Black 4TB drive
    We already had these drives and thus have now wiped them clean and benchmarked them from another system.

Our 4TB WD Black had solid sequential performance but fell behind in the 4k read speeds. It would make a solid “vault” for files we don’t access often. (This is formatted to 2TB from a Windows 10 install, we will be reformating it when installing it into the server)

Both SSDs showed 100% health within CrystalDiskInfo. With about 280MB/s read and 140MB/s write these both have good performance by themselves, but we plan to run these in RAID 0 with daily backups to the vault for an estimated performance of 504MB/s read and 252MB/s write.



The full use of the server is unknown, what is known is that it will be used for file storage for Integrated Media – expected shipping for the server is 10/30/17 so we should have a post for that soon. A full video should also be available on our YouTube channel in a short time frame.

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